On this International Women’s Day, I join the world in celebrating women and in calling on everyone to invest in women and accelerate progress.

According to statistics by the UN Women, 1 in every 10 women in the world lives in extreme poverty. According to World Health Organization, women and girls already perform most of the unpaid work in households spending two to five times more each day doing that work as compared to men.  

We cannot continue to ignore the gender equality dividend in the world.

On this day, I recognize the work done by women in the world in making the planet a better place and I also call upon governments to prioritize education of women and girls, equal distribution of benefits and fair and equal pay of women.

There has to be an investment in our laws and policies on protecting women against all forms of violence and gender inequality. There is a need for governments to invest in health care services of women and girls.

Investing in equal access to human rights is the cornerstone for building inclusive societies.

I add my voice in rallying for investment in women. The time for change is now and it begins with us all.